Luz Orozco

English 102

Page 236 #5 and #6

In the story of “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas”, the locked and dark cellar in which the child sits suggests there is someone inside and can not escape because the door is locked. In this case, a child is inside and people have him there would not let him go. The child is sacrificed which symbolizes how God gave up his life for others to live. The child also symbolizes fortune and joy for the citizens of the town. The town is composed of a Utopian society because it suggests the terrible state of the human condition. There is implied criticism in today’s society where U.S soldiers go to war to protect us by risking their lives. Some citizens do not see this as rewarding because they are against violence. The story relates to society also because many people suffer so we can live well. For instance, immigrants parents come to the U.S to achieve the American Dream. They had to leave all their belongings behind and they went through a difficult journey. They want their children to have an education and go to college because their life has not been easy. When it comes to child abuse, many countries experience this kind of torture but it is not directly expressed.


literary analysis

Luz Orozco
English 102
March 05, 2015
Literary Analysis for “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place”
The time of day takes place in a coffee shop during late early morning hours and eventually ends really late at night. Things are more clear in the night-time because that is when we know more about the old man’s feelings. During the day, things are usually hidden. I personally think that the coffee shop is symbolic because it represents the opposite of nothingness. Nothingness is dark, confusing, and disorderly. The dark represents fear, loneliness, and despair. Bars and bodegas have to be at least clean, but it is obvious that they can not be clean because there is usually drunk people in these place who drink and are not aware of its messiness. Spanish words indicate that the setting takes place in a Spanish country. For example, Hemingway uses words such as “Nada, Hombre, and Otro Loco Mas”. The main character which is the old man blends in with the setting because he feels lonely in the dark that he once tried to commit suicide. Another character that fits in is the old waiter. They both share similar emotions. The setting does influence the plot and characters because it starts late. As the author Ernest Hemingway stated, “Another brandy”, the old man wanted another drink and the waiter tells him that he will get drunk. This sets part of the plot that finally leads to his drunkenness. The story’s mood is melancholy, self-worthy, despair, loneliness, and primarily a dark night. The old man is sitting alone in the shadow left. He prefers to be in the cafe during the dark because it is quiet and empty. This reflects how he feels. He believes that darkness is danger. A photographic detail is described when the old waiter mentions that the old man is clean. We picture inside our heads a man who does not leave a mess even if he is drunk. We also see the difference between the young and the old waiter. The old waiter is wiser, tolerant, and more sensitive because he knows what it feels to be alone. He defends the old man against the young waiter’s beliefs. The author sets time minute by minute, from day to night.

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